Weather Or Not


No we can’t believe all that appears on our flat screens.  For example, take well known and, until now, respected Mike Seidel of the Weather Channel.  During one of his video reports on hurricane Florence he’s shown apparently barely able to remain upright as he’s buffeted by the storm’s winds. Strange that while he struggles to keep his footing and exclaims “this is about as bad as it gets” two pedestrians are seen in the background walking normally without any hindrances.

Needless to say I’ll devote little time to my current recoup from the Rhino Virus, an item which left me, with others, in hospital isolation. Seems I could challenge a porn star with the time logged lately on my back. Happily home but being forced to watch the Love of my life working at a feverish pace in order to perform her usual tasks plus whatever my normal contribution might be. My repayment will never be enough.

There must be some lively discussions in the home of Kellyanne Conway and her husband George. She, of course, is the never shy presidential adviser while he, an attorney, cannot be counted as an Oval Office holder enthusiast. He affirms that “Donald Trump makes false statements, attacks allies and employees”. Ah, to be a fly on the wall in that house.

Rather ironic how the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill saga in 1991 during Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination process seems similar to that of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accusing current nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape. Joe Biden who chaired the Senate Judiciary committee in ’91 has recently apologized to Anita Hill for his being unable to tone down the attacks on her. He further stated that” women’s claims of sexual harassment should be presumed to be true”. Different times….greater awareness Will such make a difference in the ultimate outcome this time around?  Stay tuned.

I’ve expressed my lack of enthusiasm for award shows in this space previously. Nonetheless, I dared turn to the Emmy Awards “extravaganza” recently. The result was the same…..galloping tedium. Some of the presenters and even the winners were unfamiliar to me.  I stayed for but a portion of this three hour yawner. Lesson learned. No more second chances for such pap.



Views From The Recliner


The past week has seen our recliner working overtime as this humble scribe has taken up residence there with one of those dreaded summer colds which seem more severe than that of their winter comrades. So, in an effort to keep my child bride apart from the dreaded germs the recliner appeared to be the best option.

During the moments when I’ve thrown my aching bones off said device, I as you, couldn’t help but see that new and possibly more devastating storm clouds have arisen over the White House.

Here was the New York Times editorial, albeit by an unnamed author but by, apparently, a bona fide Trump staff member who stated “the dilemma which he does not fully grasp is that many of his several officials in his own administration are working daily diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda”. Trump called the article “gutless”. By the way, some believe by the inclusion of the word “lodestar”, a favorite of Mike Pence, points the finger at him as author. Of course, anyone who knows the Vice President has a penchant for that word could have pointed at him.

Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear” hits the book shelves later this month. The administration is described as “having a nervous breakdown of executive power”.  Chief of staff John Kelly said, “We live in crazy town. I don’t know why any of us are here”. Top economic advisor Gary Cohn and staff secretary Rob Porter removed documents from the Oval Office desk to help eliminate some of Trump’s dangerous impulses”.  The White House resident termed the book “a work of fiction”. Right..just like Woodward and Bernstein’s “All The President’s Men” which, as we recall, brought down the Nixon administration.

Today’s headlines often stretch credulity, perhaps even more than these “gems” from days gone by.  “Meetings On Open Meetings Closed”, “Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons”, “Hospitals Resort To Hiring Doctors”, “Homicide Victims Rarely Talk To Police”, “Bridges Help People Cross Rivers”, “Total Local Eclipse Will Be Broadcast On Public Radio”.

Starting Labor Day Weekend Disney proved once again it’s “The Happiest Place On Earth” by starting to sell liquor in the Park. At long last, relief for parents to help them get through another day of screaming kids, endless rides and character breakfasts.


Sundry Stuff

I join the millions, including right wing enthusiasts, who had to head scratch over the White House reaction to the passing of Senator John McCain. Why, we ask, was the initial response the worn out “in our thoughts and prayers” bromide addressed to the family with no word of the Arizona Congressman and exceptional war hero. There was the temporary flag lowering …then the rapid return to full staff…then another lowering. Dare I point out that our flag doesn’t wave just left or right.it has no political preferences….just the one for the good old USA.

Jimmy Dean achieved star status as a record seller, “Big Bad John” was a giant.  He starred on tv and also excelled as a businessman.  He paid $350.000 for a piano shaped mausoleum which would be his final resting place. He sold his breakfast sausage to Sara Lee some years ago for $60 million. What I find curious is that Jimmy’s image and voice continue to plug the breakfast sausage business despite his passing away eight years ago.

Among the many speakers and tributes heard at Aretha Franklin’s funeral service Al Sharpton brought the audience to its feet when he quoted Donald trump having said “Aretha worked for me”. Sharpton countered with “she never worked for you, she performed for you.  She worked for us”

Thursday the 30th was the 100th birthday of baseball’s greatest hitter… Number 9. Teddy Ball game…Ted Williams. A forever highlight of mine was the chance to interview him. He was a commanding figure who exceeded not only at baseball but also fishing, as an exceptional pilot who was praised by his fellow Marine wingman John Glenn. Ted’s remarkable career stats would have obviously been even greater had he not served two different stints in the military, ones about which he never complained.

Today’s “stunning” historical fact:  The Gunfight At The OK Corral never actually took place at the Corral but six doors down in a small lot next to a photography studio. Lawmen Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan Earp joined by Doc Holiday engaged in a thirty second shoot out with outlaws Ike and Billy Clanton. Tom and Frank McLaury plus Billy Clayborne. Virgil and Morgan were wounded, Doc grazed while Tom, Frank and Billy were killed. Apparently the good guys won that one.

Bev and I watched the service for Senator John McCain from the Washington Cathedral. Worthy of the man and the long time service he devoted to our country, the featured speeches of Presidents Obama and Ford were highlights. The Obama remarks concerning his relationship with the Senator were particularly amusing and astute. His thoughts about the current atmosphere surrounding our nation were right on the money.    


Don't Get It

Star of the subhuman race, former Alabama sheriff Joe Arpaio was just trounced in a Republican primary which hopefully will see his deserved entrance into obscurity. A rabid racial profiler, he committed mass terrorism of immigrants, believed in chain gangs, created tent city prisons, encouraged beatings, even of women, and fed tainted food to inmates. What mystifies me is not that such vermin exist on this planet but why this one received a Trump pardon.

After a nearly 40 year association with NBC, Bob Costas is negotiating his exit from the peacock web. A shame that this premier sportscaster was punished for telling the truth. Fearing the loss of the healthy bucks the NFL brings to the network and after Bob decried the physical dangers of the game, he was removed from the Olympics. Yes, once again, proof that if the truth hurts the profit margin, the truth teller has to go. Thus it has always been and, sadly, it will probably forever be.  

How many times have we seen as the pitcher throws a low ball which picks up a few specks of dirt or a minor scratch, the ball is tossed from the game. Perhaps reasoning the ball with even the minimal amount of damage could be used to enhance a thrown pitch, the ball is banished to the practice fields. This is what motivates major league baseball teams to prepare from 96 to 120 baseballs-for each game or minimally 14,352 for the regular 162 game season, not counting spring training and playoffs. Even with a possible discount, the manufacturer, Rawlings, must display a pretty healthy bottom line.

Seems counsel John McGahn will be exiting through that White house swinging door in the fall. That will bring the total resigned or fired to nearly forty. No comment needed.

Florida GOP Rep Ron DeSantis is yet another politician who has opened mouth an inserted foot. He’s warned Sunshine State voters not to “monkey up” this election by voting for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillian.  Turns out the Mayor is an African American.


Turmoil and Tribute


We need look no further than to the flood of White House tweets to realize that turmoil continues to influence our daily lives. Its partner, negativity, seems to be everywhere in its effort to minimize and even eliminate optimism. Yes, although attempting to find “the sunny side” continues to require major effort, try we must.

All the news surrounding former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty, Paul Manifort’s forthcoming sentencing, the Jeff Sessions current jousting with his boss, the payoffs to porn stars…you just couldn’t make this stuff up. Then there’s the too present Rudy Giuliani saying “the people will be revolting if Trump is impeached”. Seems “revolting” and the former N.Y. Mayor’s name are close relatives.

Word is that public funds are being used for partisan political purposes. So called official government events are seemingly part of Trump efforts to help Republicans in the forthcoming mid-term elections.  Oh, by the way in case you’re keeping score in the immigration brouhaha, more than 500 kids still remain separated from their parents

Frequently even the “good old try” to find the positive falls short. A second look at Madonna’s tribute to Aretha Franklin reveals the majority of the statement was less about the Queen of Soul and more about …Madonna.  

No matter one’s political leanings there must be a unanimity of opinion that Senator John McCain will always remain an American hero. His service, his courage through his war injuries and capture by the enemy to his fight against devastating brain cancer are exemplary. The Senator’s passing occurred nine years to the day as that of Senator Ted Kennedy who was claimed by the same disease.

Although he would be the first to admit to not being perfect, he’s a shining example of an elected representative who believed in and fought for our country and its people. His military and public service were both firm contributors to guaranteeing the rights we continue to enjoy each day. Certainly one of those freedoms, free speech, permitted the current Oval Office resident to insult the Senator by accusing him of not being a hero, saying “heroes don’t get captured”. This from someone who perhaps might be labeled a draft dodger.

Courage, determination, dedication typified John McCain. We can be forever thankful he fought for us and walked with us throughout his life