Galloping Mediocrity

The so called Trump-Putin “Summit” certainly proved to be an integral part of an uninspired time. Disappointing to note that prior to the Helsinki happenings, the Oval Office resident defended Putin while attacking former U.S. Presidents and our law enforcement system. His defense of Putin’s “honor’, while not unexpected, was gratuitous. No surprise though since the Russian mogul openly admitted his wanting Trump to win the election. There was no reported criticism of The Donald being upset at Putin’s late meeting arrival. It figures that when you’re in someone’s pocket you don’t criticize. This wasn’t a summit, it’s was an exercise in humiliation for the U.S.A. and an example of mediocrity for all the world to see.

 Reaction including that from the late night tv hosts included words such as “disgusting”, “surreal”, “disgraceful”, “shocking” and ”shameful” in describing the Trump performance. Even NY post columnist and flag waver Michael Goodwin admitted that the Oval Office occupiant "bordered on being deferential”. My joining the flood of criticism that has been leveled against the current chief exec would add little. I’ll just, as you, stay tuned for further news of and reactions to the recent conduct of the White House resident.

Seems Piers Morgan who despite his lack of relevance emerges once again with yet another tv series. I remain stymied as to why he continues to occupy the medium with his minimal ability in a series of projects. His occupation of the former Larry King time slot remains a mystery to this day. Fake photos he planted in London’s Daily Mirror got him canned. Maybe it’s a case of who he knows that continues to keep this TV and journalistic lightweight showing up on our flat screens. Reassuring to know that all those screens have an off switches.

Rare that two dictionary words carry pictures of model Mara Martin next to them. One is certainly “tawdry”, the other is “stupid”.  Apparently she had heads turning as she took to the runway in a skimpy bikini while breast feeding her five month old during a Sports Illustrated swimsuit fashion show.  Never did hear a reason. Perhaps to demonstrate her ability being both a working model and mother or grab a greater share of notoriety? Whatever her rationale, it was truly unfortunate and uncalled for.

By the way, while the current administration chief is being scorched, a former staff member will prove that old press secretaries don’t disappear, they write books. Such is the case of former Trump mouthpiece Sean Spicer as he begins a media blitz by hawking his “The Briefing: Politics, The Press and The President”.  If you miss his “Today” appearance you can catch him on “Fox And Friends”,” Jimmy Kimmel”,” Access Hollywood” and “Extra”.  Who sez there’s nothing to watch on tv these days!


Didja' Hear

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are in negotiations for a $10 million winner take all match. Both in the twilight of golfing careers, their “people” have fostered this idea of preserving the bright spotlight that doubtless will continue to fade as does the inevitable sliding scores of both. Neither experiences any financial doldrums as they both sport beau coup millions in their bank accounts. Reminiscent of the Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs brouhaha in 1973 this promises to attract generous tv and in person audiences. My lack of enthusiasm and a good book will prevent me from being counted in either.

Just noted the recent birthday lists of the famous, or the infamous in this case, have revealed that Bill Cosby just turned 81. Aside from the remaining Daddy Huxtable cheerleaders and a few family members, it’s reasonable to assume there has not been a nationwide wave of huzzahs pouring into the convicted, waiting for sentencing world of Fat Albert’s creator. Meantime, we need to keep in mind that instant gratification remains the ever present enemy of everyone.

No matter which side of the political fence or wall you’re on, you probably would have appreciated seeing a N.Y. Daily News cartoon showing an audience of NATO nations being mooned by Donald Trump.

 An historic get together in England this week as the Oval Office resident meets the head of the Royal Family for the first time. He probably considers it a King-Queen summit. Let’s hope he doesn’t remark that he’s never had a taste for tea.

 Add another must see for London tourists, the Trump Baby Blimp floating overhead. Formerly referred to as POTUS, many now call the Oval Office holder FLOATUS.

Never have we seen demonstrations of protest such as those taking place in England this week. During the space of just one year, the White House occupant has managed to shatter the relationship we’ve enjoyed with our former number one ally since the early 20th century.

One more Trump note. Does he think if he says such things as he’s the most popular chief executive in GOP history and follows that with “I beat Honest Abe” that the American people buy it?  Well, at least we know the wearers of the “Make America Great” hats will.

Yet another sad example of supposed smart people saying dumb things. John Schnatta, CEO and founder of Papa John’s stepped down owing to a racial slur he made. What’s that old saying and sage piece of advice….It’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Writer Chris Reed claims dogs are not man’s best friend, rather they’re parasites. Citing stats that reveal pet owners spent $17 billion on their canines in 1994 as compared to $69.5 billion in 2017 he asks “is that love in your dog’s eyes or the look of a con man”? Certainly, there are dog lovers who exaggerate their affection for rover by showering him or her with all sorts of extravagance. Four legged plastic surgery has reached absurd levels with such as tummy tucks and nose jobs becoming popular. Over indulgence may be the choice of some but for most pet owners love for their dog is expressed with attention, affection. a healthy diet, regular vet checkups and an extra treat or two. A spoiled dog is akin to a spoiled child. The owner or the parent is at fault not the pet nor the child.

Scanning the daily rags this week I stumbled upon such gems as “Sonja Morgan likes sex with the lights off”. “Henry Cariel apologizes for flirting comments” and Briella Biermann rebounds”. Who the hell are these people and who cares what trivia typifies their shallow lives!




Couple Of Questions 


Starbucks has announced that they’ll ban and replace plastic straws by 2020.  Why does it take that long?

As he exited a Louisville restaurant recently Senate Majority Mitch McConnell was confronted by protestors shouting “vote you out” and “abolish ICE”. When asked “where are the babies?” he failed to reply. Seems to be a characteristic of many congressional members, the unanswered queries of the electorate. 

Enough cannot be said in reference to the skilled and courageous people involved in the rescue of the boys’ soccer team from that dreadful cave in Thailand. Everyone involved in the recovery should be considered heroes.

Admittedly, I didn’t see the live network  coverage of Brett Cavanaugh being nominated as the next Supreme Court justice. My interest was not exactly sky high. Stand by for the lengthy (ho hum) senate confirmation hearings as we’re “treated” to extensive info and analysis regarding his possible stands on abortion, gay rights, the 2nd amendment and Roe V. Wade. 

Directly from the Who Cares Department: Spoiled, low life, minimally talented Justin Bieber is engaged to someone named Hailey Baldwin. The predicted number of wedding anniversaries for this pair should match Beiber’s personal and professional importance.

The all time king of late night tv is Johnny Carson. His humor, his knowledge of subjects, people, and events provided the ability to interview a huge variety of guests. One well known celeb though who appeared on the Tonight Show was not a Johnny favorite. Seems Bob Hope always came scripted, depending on his writers for so called ab lib material. Carson was quick on his feet, could converse with any guest, was well read.  As a show member remarked,  “there was nothing to talk to Hope about”. If you ever look at any of the Hope videos, you’ll notice the prevailing topic was Bob himself.

Anyone in attendance for the christening of Prince William and Kate Middlteon’s latest, Prince Louis, muat have been delighted. Just maybe not with something that was served following the ceremony. Along with the usual tea was a piece of traditional fruit cake.The dubious confection was taken directly from a tier of the Duke and Duchesses’ 2011 wedding cake which turns out to be a British tradition. Deemed still edible because of its high alcohol content which prevents mold and kills bacteria, some of the English  might continue to label fruit cake both in its seven year old current state and even freshly baked, “beastly” or as we might say here across the pond “yucky".  




The Illogical and The Germaine

Nathan’s annual hot dog devouring contest made its annual appearance on the 4th. Last year, Jerry Chestnut wolfed down 72 gaggers in ten minutes and yes, that does defy logic. Besides being declared champion, Jerry collected $10,000 as some 35,000 cheered. No word as to how much product Alka Seltzer and Pepto Bismol contributed. Chestnut has managed to put his dog demolition to good financial use. Seems he’s managed a net worth of $800,000 for fracturing franks. That amount will doubtless grow with his setting a new world record during this year’s munch out when he downed 74 Nathan’s wieners in 10 minutes. Yes, it seems logic again took the day off.

A word about the soccer team trapped now for two weeks in a Thailand cave. If there was even the slightest chance that the area might be subject to flooding, why did the coach take the boys there?  Just doesn’t make sense.

Puzzling that the lowering of the nation’s flag has been ordered for past mass shootings but no such White House decree was issued until recently regarding the recent Capital Gazette killings. Were the paper’s deceased staff members considered just purveyors of “fake news” and didn’t warrant the  recognition of our Stars and Stripes? Apparently a storm of protest has changed the Oval Office mind and Old Glory now has been finally lowered.

Another from the “makes no sense” department. A male yahoo got into a parking lot tiff with a woman who, following the dispute, entered the nearby Walmart. Apparently still ticked off, mister smooth raced his car through the store’s door, plowed through several areas causing some $500,000 worth of damage to Walmart’s merchandise and facilities. Talk about off the rails lack of reasoning.

Under the heading of fallacious must come the following:  a newspaper pik of a woman texting while riding a motor bike with her small child seated in front of her.

Now for a bit of logic. The National Football League intends to add more female referees.  A natural.  Women are adept at pointing out men’s faults.  

As illogical as this may seem, it’s proving to make sense. During my most recent ramblings, I noted the devastating effect the sounds of fireworks have on dogs. Well, it now seems that hemp from the cannabis plant can help. CBD Treats contain hemp which can produce calming and pain relieving symptoms in your family pet. Yep, marijuana marches on even in the canine world.

It was a joy to watch the marvellous Boston Pops, conductor Keith Lockhart and the annual July 4th concert at Boston’s Hatch Shell on the banks of the Charles River. A special treat was the appearance of the wonderful Rita Moreno who during her incomparable career has garnered an Academy Award, A Golden Globe, A Tony, A Grammy, Screen Actor’s Guild and Kennedy Center Honors. In addition to performing a pair of numbers from “West Side Story”, she gave a truly compelling reading of “The New Colossus”, a poem written for and inscribed upon the Statue of Liberty. A truly wonderful conclusion to our holiday by this remarkable 86 year old


Don't Get It

Yep, there are things I just don’t understand in this 21st century. There’s the guy in the $500 suit, expensive hair style, class tie and shirt, pricey shoes and……that scruffy unshaven face. This may be “in” to many, to me it’s ludicrous. What’s with the American male’s fetish with facial hair? Is this proof of masculinity, in some cases an attempt to hide a facial flaw? Very few, such as Sean Connery, wear the follicles well. Certainly the number of bearded pro sports folk has grown, particularly in major league baseball. It seems more hairy faces than ever typify my Red Sox. The Yankees have the right policy…no facial hair. Let’s hear it for the Bronx Bomber management. Maybe we can pass a new Freedom..from facial fuzz.

Another so called “public servant”, EPA poobah Scott Pruitt continues to make news as he regularly seeks to feather his own nest. He’s used his position influencing others to seek business opportunities for his wife such as a Chick-Fill-A franchise and a position that paid an annual $200,000. Alas she didn’t get it but, sadly, had to settle for a $100,000 gig. Among other perks, he demands 1st class flight accommodations. All in all, there are 13 federal investigations into his agency tenure. Don’t get why this freeloading bozo’s butt still occupies the chair it fills.

Can’t fathom reprehensible individuals aided by hired guides celebrating their killing of rare and beautiful animals with the excuse, “I’m satisfying a need”. Baloney! They’re quenching their own ego thirst. Remember dentist Walter Palmer who in 2015 gunned down Cecil the Lion? Now we turn to the latest reprehensible shooter, Tess Thompson Talley, who brags “my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true”. Seems she recently cruelly shortened the lifetime of a rare African black giraffe and then trumpeted about her despicable killing complete with pictures on Facebook.  Rhode Island’s Debra Messing put it well, “Tess Thompson Talley is a disgusting, vile, amoral, heartless, selfish murderer”. 

 Focusing now on a positive note, whether you’re celebrating our nation’s 242nd birthday at the Bristol Parade, on the beach or in your own backyard here are few bits of info you might find interesting. Providence born George M. Cohan who wrote “Yankee Doodle Dandy” was actually born on July 3rd.  Dramatic actor James Cagney was also a wonderful song and dance man which he proved so well when he starred in the film “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.  Famous names born on July 4th are:  Calvin Coolidge, Geraldo Rivera, Dear Abby and Ann Landers (twin sisters), Eva Marie Saint, George Steinbrenner, Malia Obama, Koko the gorilla (famous for understanding sign language), Neil Simon, “Good Morning America’s” George Stephanopoulos and hotel heiress Leona Helmsley. 

Of course, the 4th means fireworks, the use of which has doubled since 2000 and often begins the prior weekend, continuing through the holiday evening and beyond. While we may enjoy the  sights and sounds, at least 45% of dogs are traumatized by them. Called fireworks phobia, it results in our canine friends shaking, whining, playing with toys and hiding under furniture to attempt escape from the terror they suffer. Our wonderful “Daisy” was severely distressed by the noises as we were by her discomfort. It’s said that pets should be allowed to cope in any way they choose. Touching, massaging and reassuring them can be helpful.

May you and yours enjoy the 4th… and, try going easy on that fifth