It seems that Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is matching, even surpassing the Kardashians in media coverage. Between late night tv appearances she’s now theoried on what will happen at the end of “Game Of Thrones”. I re-suggest that the freshman congress member spend more time doing the job to which she was elected and display less presence in the newspapers and on the tube.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is responsible for what could be considered “the quote of the week”. She indicated how impressed she is with the current White House resident. ”He is highly biblical. We will in all likelihood never see a more Godly, biblical president in our lifetime”. I’ll pause here for you to comment.

Didja’ see the Trump tweet which purported to have the answer to extinguishing the Notre Dame fire? He advised “flying water bombing”.  The French authorities informed the uniformed one that water bombing was not being used because it could collapse structures. Oh, by the way, I’m reading a book previously mentioned, “Commander in Cheat”. Entertaining, funny, enlightening and frightening. Of course, White House fans, flag wavers and cap wearers will dismiss it as propaganda despite the authenticity presented.

From the “gotta get those ratings up” set comes more Lou Dobbs spittle. In the wake of the Notre Dame tragedy he spouted support for conspiracy theories as he offered “political decision” the reason for the French authorities ruling out arson as the cause of the fire.

Most of us certainly prefer the positive over the negative despite the latter’s quantity these days. My optimism appears under siege as I observe what’s being said about the release of the Muellar Report. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I just think that we as the tax paying public have a scarce chance of seeing all we should on those pages. Sadly, that infamous and all too frequent duo, deceit and evasion, may yet rule again as they too often do.

Seems Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli are less than thrilled to be tabbed “cheaters” after their alleged involvement in that college admissions scandal. They've pleaded not guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, also conspiracy to commit money laundering and are risking 20 year jail sentences. You may recall they paid a $500,000 bribe to get both their daughters’ admission to the University of Southern California, falsely claiming they were crew recruits. So after the revelation that they had bribed their kids’ admission to an institute of higher learning the moneyed parents were aghast and highly steamed they were being referred to as cheaters. Perhaps they could opt for “swindlers”, “deceivers”,” scammers”, ”grifters” or “fraudsters”.

The Patriots’ Robert Kraft saga rolls on. His lawyers are attempting to squash attempts to release to the media the videos of his appearance at a club in Florida where he allegedly paid prostitutes for sex. Watching Kraft in this type of activity doesn’t exactly make my priority list.

From the “Now I’ve seen it all department”:  A man and woman spotted wearing Nazi paraphernalia in downtown Providence. His choice of the swastika arm band in combination with wearing a “Make America Great” cap was particularly puzzling. As pointed out by the ACLU, such a display of the Hitler symbol not illegal. Disgusting as this recent display and others have been, one of our freedoms guarantees these individuals the right to display their hate. I’ll say once again, that in our country, anyone is entitled to their own stupid opinion. A swastika and a MAGA cap?  Certainly like to learn the perverted rationale for that.



Topping our amazing events and people, a year and a half old toddler is already a true survivor. Seems he propped himself against a partially open window in a 6th floor Washington apartment. He shunned the nap he was supposed to be taking, pushed through a screen, falling 70 feet to a parked car’s roof below. Amazingly and thankfully he survived.

The “Trivago guy” has been charged with driving while intoxicated by police. Tim Williams was found passed out at the wheel of his car. He was arrested after failing a sobriety test. No comment from the Trivago sponsor so far.

The 30th anniversary of “When Harry Met Sally” was celebrated this week. The three biggies were there, Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan and director Rob Reiner. As previously mentioned, if was Rob’s mother, Estelle, who uttered the famous “I’ll have what she’s having” in the restaurant scene.

Perhaps worthy for consideration as a quote of the week: Trump wanted to name daughter Ivanka as head of The World Bank because “she’s good with numbers”. Who said logic doesn’t exist in Washington?

I’ve always enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres...talented, funny, generous, entertaining and compassionate. Ditto for her late afternoon TV show, save for the 99% hyper female audience. She’s well known for the gifts she gives to audience members. Does that perhaps include generous amounts of caffeine prior to air time?

Word has it that Kelly Sadler, has now been named to be working for a pro-Trump super PAC. Less than a year ago she was canned for remarking that Senator John McCain’s opinion didn’t matter because “he was dying anyway”. As predicted, a supposed apology to the Senator’s daughter from Sadler never came and now she’s been returned to the White House resident’s domain to aid in his reelection. What’s that old saying about buoyant human waste?

Johnny Depp was once thought to be an accomplished actor. Now his off screen antics are providing him a reserved seat on the “Just Go Away Train”.

Congrats to Rolling Stones’ front man Mick Jagger who is recovering nicely from cardiac surgery.The ever active one estimates he logs some 6 miles of movement on stage during a performance. Amazing.

One chapter ends, another begins. Although Jussie Smollett may be axed from the series Empire he still could have a future. His ability to fabricate a story may provide him with an opportunity to become a spokesman for the current administration.

We’re all familiar with the phrase “no news is good news”. The absence of any O.J. Simpson items of late certainly can be deemed “good news”.

The enduring “Names In The News” features may soon by retitled “Famous Names in the Clink”.  It might premiere with the monikers of Michael Avenatti, Lori Loughlin and Julian Assange.

Whether a fan or not, Tiger Woods’ winning of The Masters has to be admired. There had been lingering doubts that he’d ever play again after four back surgery fusions. Determination, hard work and talent saw him at Augusta’s 18th Sunday, holing that final putt. The event witnessed by millions was made even more relevant by the hugs of his mother and his children. His fifth green jacket is one more than Arnold Palmer, one less than Jack Nicklaus. Considering all personally and professionally  that preceded this win, the 2019 Masters victory might just be considered his greatest.


Misses N' Hits


I was about to ask about possible consequences for the bought and enrolled offspring of Huffman, Loughlin and other bribing parents when I came across this: “The University of Southern California has not permitted the Loughlin daughters to drop out by putting holds on the accounts any students who could have fraudulently been admitted. USC stated “This prevents the students from registering for classes (until they have agreed to participate in the review of their case), withdrawing from the university, or acquiring transcripts while their cases are under review”. Oh by the way, we have another passenger for the “Just Go Away Train”...Lori Loughlin

His diplomatic immunity terminated, free loader and leaker Julian Assange has been arrested after hiding out at Ecuador’s embassy in London, where for seven years he made himself as invisible as the Trump tax returns. The development also exposes him to U.S. extradition where he could face an unsavory future over his mass leaking of government documents. No matter how long it may take, justice awaits. As St. Augustine said, “Punishment is justice for the unjust”.

Speaking of justice, it seems to be on the mind of reality honcho Kim Kardashian. She just revealed her ambitions in Vogue’s latest issue.

Seems she put in a four year apprenticeship at a San Francisco law firm and looks forward to taking the bar exam. Who knows, maybe a judgeship is in her future. She could be the first to wear robes with a plunging neckline.

I’m about to fail once again in my attempt to omit a mention of the red tie wearing Oval Office occupier. Can’t pass up his observations on wind. He claims TV’s shut down whenever the wind stops blowing in areas that use wind power. He later claimed that wind turbines kill birds and even decrease property values. Recently he proclaimed that wind turbine noise causes cancer”.

I’ve often ranted that penalties for animal abusers are woefully inadequate. Consider the case of Aurora Benitez who for two months subjected her dog, a terrier mix, to be soaked in urine, become a victim of several fractured ribs and too weak to chew its food. Benitez admitted that she neglected her pet. So it seems she recognized the demeanor she displayed. That same neglectful behavior result should serve as Benitez’s punishment for the crime she committed. Like retribution for her animal abuse and others should be the law. Of course, it won’t be.

It wasn’t a good morning for Big Apple meteorologist Chris Cimino. He didn’t realize his mic was still hot when the Today Show’s Al Roker cut to him for the New York forecast. Apparently in conversation with another studio member and not realizing his mic was on he was heard using an “f-bomb”. During my years in broadcasting I made it a rule to be sure to never use inappropriate language in the TV studio...a studio where someone else controlled the mic. On radio I had total control, not only shutting off the mic but its volume as well when I was not on just in case something objectionable might be mentioned in studio.

Just missed the chance to buy a red brick home on Chicago’s South Side for $226,000, more than twice the asking price. The Park Manor neighborhood home was purchased in 1923 for about $15,000. The original deed proves to be quite a collector’s item. The owners’ names appearing are that of Teresina and Mae, their last names...Capone.  Yep, the mother and wife of the notorious Al Capone who lived there for years.




Longtime Trump pally, Roger Stone, he of the Harold Lloyd glasses, fired off a disgusting Instagram this past week. Defending remarks the Oval Office occupant made regarding the late Barbara Bush, Stone said “Well she’s dead and he’s president- who won that one?” That tasteless comment further solidifies his position in the No Class Hall of Shame.

Michelle Wolf who was so poorly received at last year’s White house Correspondents’ dinner that no comedian has been booked for this year’s festivities. She continues to prove herself worthy of the spate of criticism she previously referring to those who have been arrested in the college admissions bribery scandal such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Wolf said she was “a little proud” of them “It’s nice to have women running schemes where enough money is involved that it flags the FBI, that’s power”. Seems the ‘Go Away Train” is really filling up with the additions of Stone and Wolf.

Former Trump staffer Anthony Scaramucci claims Trump lies “because he thinks it’s fun”. George Conway disagrees stating “Think of fish, fish don’t swim because they think it’s fun; they swim because they’re fish”. By the way, the Washington Post noted that by the end of March 2019 Trump had voiced 9451 misleading claims in 801 days average of 11 per day.  A Guinness record, no doubt.

Recently, A Pennsylvania judge sentenced three members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity to jail sentences for their part in the hazing death of Timothy Piazza.  A fourth has been sent to house arrest while others should be held accountable as well. Meantime, the fraternity’s charter has been appropriately removed. Timothy’s parents firmly believe Beta Theta Pi killed their son. They were correct, it did. Those in attendance who took part in the absurd “hazing” and could have called emergency help after Piazza had been required to injest huge amounts of alcohol and, as a result, fell down a flight of basement stairs which caused injuries that proved eventually fatal due to the total lack of action in calling for emergency assistance. Anyone remotely connected to this tragedy should be subjected to maximum punishment. Fraternities are sophomoric, rife with excess, riddled with questionable behavior and the cause of physical harm, even fatalities. Bag all of ‘em.

The Red Sox received their 2018 World Series Championship rings this week. Following their miserable 3-8 start to this season it’s been suggested the rings should be taken back.

Noting names such as Lauren Alaina, Mickey Guyton, Maddie & Tae, Jason Aldean as winners at the ACM Awards made me realize something. I must really be out of touch. Don’t have a clue. Never heard of them.

The White House door, be it swinging or revolving, is at it again with the departure of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. She’ll be remembered for supporting the most insensitive human immigration policy the nation’s seen in seven decades. Now we hear that policy is to move in an even “tougher direction”. Word has it that three more head of department leaders are expected to keep that door moving shortly. Seems U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan has been named as acting secretary. Guess he’d better keep those families apart, some in cages, or he’ll be one day become yet another casualty. Of course, the word “acting” before his job title doesn’t exactly scream longevity.

Oops, another administration official has been sent to that very active portal. Secret Service director Tex Alles just canned with a standard Sarah Huckabee Sanders rhetoric of “over the last two years he’s done a great job”.  If it’s been great, why is he being relegated to the unemployment line? Apparently because Trump wants to take an even more severe line on immigration. Alles logged 40 years of service to the country as he now gives way to James Murray whose career has been spent in the secret service. Seems Trump ordered his “acting”, there’s that word again, chief of staff to fire Alles..

A few negative notes with which to bring this episode to a screeching halt. First, the proposed Hope Tower is a horror. It would be the blight on the landscape of Rhode Island’s capital city. Secondly, the Providence Journal might consider lopping off both “Wallace the Brave” and “The Pajama Diaries”...they’re the first so called “comics’ seen when viewing that page. Unfunny, unlikable, unnecessary.  Rep.Eric Swalwell (D-Calif) just announced he’s running for president in 2020. Ah yes, once again another case of mucho campaign bucks about to burn for someone who doesn’t stand a chance.


Sense and Non



How about the Pennsylvania father who was pulled over for driving 100 mph, drunk and with two kids in the car!  Seems this is the fourth time in seven months the moron has been charged with DUI.  Culpability surely rests as well with the other morons who put him back on the street after his previous offenses.

The White House “Insulter a Day” author, has commented on accusations levied against Joe Biden during a recent appearance before a conservative audience. As we may recall, wasn’t Trump accused of sexual misconduct and had previously bragged about it?  Oh by the way, would one his staff clue  him that he needs to not use the word “orange” in place of “origin”.

Former FBI Director James Comey says he’s still “troubled” over his possible influence on the results of the 2016 presidential election. You may remember his probe into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails merely a month before the polls opened undoubtedly had an obvious effect on the results.  It often puzzled me why Comey was fired by Trump after he helped hand the election to the current Oval Office occupant.

Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, a co-conspirator in the college admissions bribery scandal, checked into Boston this week prior to their court hearing.  Described as “super friendly”, Loughlin signed auto graphs for nearly two dozen nitwits whose logic and good sense were obviously on hiatus.

This serves as an apt segue, from bribing parents to toilet paper. When it comes to size, Charmin really wipes out the competition. The company now features its “Forever Roll”.  The huge rolls hold 2-ply sheets featuring a single user roll of 850 sheets to the multi user roll of 1700 sheets. The company claims this new Charmin product will last a month. If consumer constipation be a problem, who knows, maybe the new giant roll might even endure for a whole season!

Word has it that Tricia Newbold, a White House security specialist who, along with her colleagues, recommended the denying of security clearances to dozens of applicants were ignored. As a result Newbold who has dwarfism was punished by a superior for her efforts by placing important files she needed high out of her reach. The jackass who precipitated that action should be canned... just don’t bet on it.

No surprise, it seems the chief executive has once again declined to attend the White House Correspondents Association dinner. He’s quoted as saying. “The correspondents’ dinner is too negative”. This coming from the king of negative. Apparently he plans to hold another of those hat selling rallies for insults and profit on the same date as the dinner.

Have I got this right?  We the American taxpayers who I believe footed the bill for the Muellar Report aren’t allowed to see it. Rather we’re given a brief interpretation by an administration appointee. That about it?

The word is he’s reconsidering running for the White House. Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York is a businessman, author, philanthropist and ninth richest person in the world. Also he’s a member of the Giving Pledge, members of which pledge to give away a least half of their wealth. His latest gift was one of $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University for student aid, the largest ever made to an institution of higher learning. His generosity may not by itself put him in the White House but his know how, track record and demeanor just might. He certainly would prove to be the best of the over stocked number of currently announced candidates.